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We have a large selection of socks in various lengths and colors. Here you will find socks for summer, winter and all types of training. Choose from ankle socks or full length. We have rag socks in Norwegian wool, wool socks in merino wool, tennis socks, bamboo socks, nylon socks and cotton socks.

Find your perfect onestraining socks. 

Wool socks

See the selection of wool socks in fine merino wool and traditional rag socks made of Norwegian wool from Sandnesgarn. We have wool socks in ankle length and full length. Our socks keep your feet warm, comfortable and odor-free.

Merino wool has many wonderful properties; it is super light, soft, does not get sticky, retains heat in the cold and is cooling in the heat, and has anti-odor properties.

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Ankle socks

Ankle length socks are popular all year round. They sit nicely on the foot and are comfortable. Our socks are designed for maximum comfort and good durability. We have light and airy training socks, merino wool socks and tennis socks. All in ankle length.

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Tennis socks

Our range of tennis socks for women consists of white and black tennis socks made from good quality organic cotton. These tennis socks provide God stretch and attenuation. 

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