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Collection: Seamless legging

Choose yours seamless leggings from the top layer.World-class technical yarn and good manufacturers ensure that our seamless garments are softer and more sustainable than normal. We have seamless leggings, tops, sports bras, underwear and shorts.

The seamless garments ensure full freedom of movement and efficient moisture transport during high-intensity training. The garments are light, elastic, dry quickly and retain their fit.

We have a large selection ofseamless training clothes, and seamless leggings is our most popular category. Whether you want trends like camo, ombre, scrunch and ribbed leggings, or want a more stylish and plain leggings, your need is covered. In addition to the more basic leggings, we have seamless leggings with one push up effect, perfect for the next session at the gym.

With seamless training leggings, light colors can in many cases not be squat proof, which is why we mostly produce mottled and dark full-color seamless leggings so that for the vast majority, all our leggings will not be transparent.

One problem many people experience with "regular fabric" is that the leggings can slide down, this is not the case for seamless leggings. Our seamless leggings stay well and comfortably around the waist.