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Best Wool Underwear for Women 2021

Wool underwear for women

Our wool underwear for women is made of merino wool and includesupper part andlower part. In addition, we have several differentwool socks. Merino wool has various properties that make it well suited for several uses, including hiking experiences, jogging trips in the cold, or enjoy indoors.

Merino wool

Our wool underwear is made of wool from merino sheep. Merino wool was in high demand as early as the Middle Ages and is today considered the finest and softest among all types of wool.


Wool is ranked by micro number. The micron is a unit of measurement for specifying the diameter of the wool yarn. The lower the micron number, the finer the fibers. Our wool underwear has 18 microns and is considered as super fine wool. It is in the top tier among wool yarns.

Properties of merino wool

Merino wool has unique properties that make it suitable perfect as underwear - a layer deep inside the body. Wool fiber absorbs moisture without feeling moisturized on the skin. It is to some extent resistant to water. Light rain, snow and moisture can settle on the surface and be transported away.

Garments with merino wool have good insulation capacity . The fiber structure is frizzy and creates millions of tiny air pockets that help maintain a stable body temperature. Merino wool feels comfortable against the body and is one type of wool that does not itch. Wool is too self-cleaning, bactericidal and prevents sweat odor from settling in the material.Merino wool absorbs sweat and allows it to evaporate, somewhatwhich means that you do not have to wash it as often as other clothes.Often it can hold to air the woolen clothes.

Although we like to associate woolen clothes with cold, wool is temperature-regulating and is therefore excellent for both hot and cold weather. Wool is natural, degradable, 100% renewable and among our most sustainable materials . No merino wool has been developed in the lab or modified.

Svart og blå merinoull genser med god isolasjon og transporterer fuktighet     Svart og blå ullundertøy i merinoull som ikke klør, lukter eller krøller seg

Tour experience

When you are on a trip, it is crucial to keep your clothes dry and your body warm. This applies when you move, but not least when you stay calm. One of the worst things about traveling is freezing. If you freeze, it is difficult to have a pleasant trip. For an ultimate hiking experience, our wool underwear is a good alternative. Wool is one of the few materials that are self-extinguishing. It can be practical if, for example, you sit around a fire and enjoy yourself.

Jogging trips in the cold

When it is cold outside, it is important to dress smartly. A common mistake we make is to dress too much. If you dress too much, you will sweat too soon. You get wet and can start to freeze. The first few minutes of a jog you can freeze a bit, because the body temperature will rise again to a comfortable level when the jog is started.

By using wool underwear as the innermost layer , one will maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the jogging trip, without dressing too much. This can also lead to a more comfortable jogging trip, as you are more mobile with less clothing.


Wool underwear and wool socks are soft and comfortable. In addition to being well-suited for outdoor activity, it fits perfectly as cozy clothes either at home or in the cottage. Sit down on the sofa, relax and enjoy our lovely wool underwear!


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