Intervalltrening for nybegynnere | hvordan komme inn i løpingen

Interval training for beginners

How to get started with running



Are you a beginner in training and want to try running and interval training Then this article is just for you!!

First and foremost, it is important to have the right shoes, more specifically,running shoes for women, these types of shoes have good cushioning and make the activity much easier and you feel good about the feeling of mastery. Then it is a good idea to have an activity plan where you enter how often, long and fast you should do the activity, it can also be a good idea to write down why you want to do this so that you can look back and find motivation.

It is important to dress for the season and there is no better feeling than having the right tools to succeed where you also feel a sense of mastery. For the winter, when the temperature drops, it is good to have onerunning tights with brushed inside to keep warm, along with arunning jacket with thermal insulation that still feels easy to wear. When the temperature goes up, towards the summer, a goodrunning tightstogether with asports bra tailored to your activities. There is something about putting on the clothes you need to get into the mood and find inspiration.

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Running tights and running shoes for women

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It is important to enjoy the run, not to have very strict requirements for the first trips it is important to get into it first also gradually set stricter plans and goals. When you feel ready, you can increase your pace and implement interval training. Do not forget to warm up your body before you start, it can take 5 minutes of walking before you start running, and after the session it is important to rest so that your body has time to build up.

How to get started with training - The tips you needr


What is Interval training?

This type of training is about switching between high and low intensity training. In a running training, this means that you vary the pace between fast and calm for a certain period of time and repeat for a good training session. For example, one can start by walking for 5 minutes, then increase the intensity to jog for 4 minutes and increase to run for 4 minutes and then go down to jogging again to 4 minutes also repeat. There is a recipe called 4x4 interval training, but what is it?



4x4 can easily be explained as four intervals of four minutes each, where you repeat four times. This training can suit everyone, even for you who are new, but want to step up to a higher level in the training. 4x4 is also a good cardio workout that trains the heart to pump more blood out to the body.

4x4 is a simple rule of thumb for your intervals, but this can also be changed based on your motivation and well-being to, for example, 3x8 or 5x6. If this type of interval does not sound so good, there is one called pyramid intervals, what is it about?

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Pyramid intervals

This type of interval involves starting and ending at the same intensity and between there, it steps up to a peak, also down from the top to the end. For example, it starts at one minute which steps up to 2, then 3, 4, 5, and from 5 minutes it starts going down again, 4 to 3, 2 also 1 at the end, where you started. The rest period should last half the interval, ie if you did an interval of 2 minutes, the rest period will last for 1 minute.

Good luck with the run.

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