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The best strength exercises for the whole body

Do you lack motivation to get started?

In a hectic everyday life, it is not always easy to maintain one good training flow . After long days at work or school, the doorstep mile becomes a little extra difficult to overcome, and you are welcome to lie on the sofa for the rest of the evening. But, did you know that by introducing a little strength training everyday increases energy levels and one will actually get more profits? Read more about how to get started with training.

Strength training is for everyone and it's never too late to get started. With our wide selection of fitness equipment and training clothes you will pose well prepared for your first sessions. It is not always easy to know where to start, but we want to help you. We have therefore put together a simple onetraining program for increased strength which can be performed at home or in the studio.Read more about strength programs for beginners.

Whether one is a beginner or advanced isResistance bands, also calledtracksuits an essential accessory everyone should include in theirtraining bag.Our training elastics come in three different strengths, so you can easily regulate and vary as you get stronger. Exercise elastics are also great to use for warming up and activating different muscle groups, which will be important before each session. Feel free to check it out tooOur favorite exercises with training elastic.



 Four benefits of strength training

  1. You prevent the loss of muscle mass
  2. Reduces the risk of injury
  3. Improves mental health
  4. Prevents cardiovascular disease

Strength training program for the whole body

This program contains 5 exercises such as strengthens the whole body , and is just as suitable for beginners as for those who have trained a lot before. The training program can be performed with or withoutweights.

Exercise 1

Squats (increases strength in the legs, buttocks and core muscles)

4 sets x 12 repetitions

Squats are a very popular exercise, and can be adapted in several ways. Also try squat with dumbells or in stand with weights.

Exercise 2

Pushups / push-ups (increases strength in chest, shoulders and triceps)

4 sets x 10 repetitions

Get on your knees to make it easier. Use elastic around the elbows for more resistance.


Exercise 3

Outcome (increases strength in thighs and buttocks)

3 sets (on each foot) x 12 repetitions


Exercise 4

Back lift (increases strength in the back)

4 sets x 12


Exercise 5

The plank (increases strength throughout the core muscles)

3 sets x 1 min


The only thing that is more fun than exercising alone is exercising with a friend. Check out our best workouts for twohere!

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