Black Friday - beste tilbud

Black Friday 2022

Black friday is just around the corner and at Famme you will find the best deals! At Christmas time, there are a lot of expenses with long wish lists to be filled out, howeverto buy gifts does not have to be expensive. We are providers of both everyday clothes and training clothes for mother, sister, friend and colleague - or treat yourself to something new! Whether you want to find something for yourself or start early Christmas gift shopping we have garments for all women for every occasion.

If you want specific gift tips we also have a detailed guide tohow to find the perfect gift,gift to her orgift for girlfriend.


Wool underwear sale

Heat Clothes are essential to have when the days start to get dark cold ,it is important to have a layer of wool. There are several who associate these garments with sweat and itching, but it is not the case that it should be like that! With us you will find cheap wool underwear and soft merino wool which neither itches nor rolls up. The wool set consists of onestilongs andwool sweater, the perfect thin wool underwear for women. For a complete set we also have heat and comfortable wool socks.

Svart ullgenser til dame med god isolasjon som transporterer fuktighet  Svart ulltights til dame som varmer og ikke klør  Svarte ullsokker til dame i merinoull som er varme, komfortable og funksjonelle
Read more about our best wool underwearhere!


Tights sale

A pair of tights is always good to have either training , exercise trips or to wear at home. In our wide range of cheaptights we have, among other thingsscrunch tights,seamlessandcompression tights which is very popular among ladies. We also offer more specificallytights perfect for jogging,tights with pocket orwinter tights which is suitable good for cold days .

Blå tights til dame salg med høyt liv i seamless, squatproof og sklir ikke ned  Grønn tights til dame salg med scrunch effekt  Tie dye svart tights til dame salg med lomme til mobiltelefon
Here you will finda guide to our best tights! If you want to learn more about our different tights, you can read more aboutscrunch tights,seamless andcompression tights. Furthermore, you can also read aboutour best running tights,tights with pocket andwinter tights.


Trousers sale

With us you will find trousers of all kinds. Whether you want oneyoga pants,sling pants,sweatpants orjeans we have it!Trousers with split,velor trousers,mom jeans,wide leg jeans,flare jeans andskinny jeans is very popular and is high on this year's wish list in several. You can never get enough of pants and you want one for all occasions!

Blå skinny jeans med super stretch salg til dame med høyt liv  Grå slengbukse med split til dame salg i mykt og pustende materiale  Blå jeans med split salg til dame med høyt liv og stretch
Feel free to read more aboutthe finest pants for autumn andthe finest jeans of the season! Furthermore, it is also interesting to look atour best yoga pants


Sweater sale

When it comes to tops, we have everything fromtraining tops,hoodies,crewneckandhigh necked sweaters. Many want to start new year with a boosted training motivation , and then it fits perfectly with a new, nice training sweater! If you are not the type who is equally interested in training, you will always need sweaters everyday .

Lilla genser til dame salg, treningsoverdel i lett, tynt og stretchy materiale  Blå crop top til dame på salg, sømløs for myk og komfortabel fit  Hvit strikkegenser til dame salg med høy hals, mykt og stilrent design
For more inspiration for training tops, feel free to read onour best training tops,crop tops andlongsleeve. To getthe finest autumn wardrobe we have further guides onbest hoodies andturtlenecks!


The best deals

The online store abounds with good merchandise ! And we have a collection made especially for them. Take a look here for onecomplete selection of our sales items. Furthermore, there are some recommendations for our very best offers at the moment.

Ourt-shirt with round neck or springchille turtleneck is a perfect set for when you want to relax at home or have everyday things you need to sort out.

    Blackweek tilbud - komfortabel rundhalset topp   

Take a further look at the rest of ourschille assortment!

It is difficult to imagine that you want to get out of the comfortable clothes from the latter collection, so then it is easy and straightforward to just throw on something warm if you have to go out in the cold!

Ourstretchy andteddy jackets will keep you warm and good while you are out doing errands, do you know anyone who might need this for fall and winter And speaking of comfort, our versatile shoes will make it all complete. It is suitable for whatever you may encounter!

black friday salg - god og varm jakke med stretch     


Discount code

What is especially fun for our customers is that you can use discount codes on top of our sales items. Absolutely perfect for the exciting black friday period to come. Usefammely5 for 5% on boats merchandise and ordinary goods if it has not been used before.

So it will be zero problem for you to get away from Christmas gift, mother gift, anniversary or whatever occasion gift shopping had to be there. For more information on how this works,click here.

Black week

What's better than Black Friday Black week! Join and celebrate black friday 2021 with the world's best black week at Famme. We have the best selection for black week at Famme, and here you are guaranteed to find something you have wanted at the best price and the best offer. Whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts in advance or for another occasion, we have the largest black friday sale and plenty to choose from at incredibly good prices. Norway's best black week offer 2021 can be found at Famme this spring sales collection andoutlet collection.

black friday salg sko til dame  
INthe sales collection you will find the best in the worldrunning shoes for women for Black Friday deals.



In many ways, Cyber Monday marks the day that many people start shopping for Christmas gifts online. After our fantastic black week offer, you can also get the best prices for cyber Monday. It can be said that we have our own cyber week here at Famme, as you will find the best prices and the best offers easily and clearly in ouroutlet collection andsales collection. If you have been looking for a long time for the perfect Christmas gift for her, or for mum, or for employees, we have it here and take advantage of the best Cyber Monday sale here at Famme.

scrunch tights cyber monday salg  Mørke blå scrunch tights til dame salg


OursScrunch Tights at the best offer and price compared to other stores in Norway. Scrunch tights are one of the most popular tights and will be a sure winner, whether you are thinking of a gift for your girlfriend or a gift for your sister.
The Cyber Monday sale at Famme also has the best cozy sweater for this autumn and winter season, namelyWanderlust Hoodie which can be matched with comfortable leggings.


kosegenser til dame cyber monday salg  Beige ribbed kosebukse salg til dame


Best Black Friday deal, better than Zalando

At Famme you will find the best black friday sales and black week offers, with much better prices than Zalando, Norrøna, and other stores! Here you get the large selection, at a lower price. check outthe sales collection andthe outlet collection get the best selection at the best price.

We have many good alternatives to Gymshark at Famme, and we have free shipping and better prices. If you are looking for Gymshark black week, you can rest assured that you get a lot more out of your money by taking part in the Black Friday sales and black week offers at Famme due to better prices and good quality at Famme, then among other things, we have very goodtights to all possible styles you want.


Black week at Gymshark

Gymshark has black Friday and Black week they and, but you can get similar items at Famme before Black week and Black Friday have once started. check outthe sales collection andthe outlet collection our for an incredibly good black week offer and black friday offer.

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